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Dr Mats tip of the day - 017- remember the policies

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

A small to medium organisation may spend huge amounts of time on the day to day just trying to survive and get ahead. So easy to not think of the futire and growth.

Growth requires new staff, different processes and new customers- in fact the whole organisation may likely become a whole lot more complex.

Policies are often overlooked as small organisations grow, yet policies can act as structure to build the new organisation. Policies are a set of broad instructions that make it clear to staff and other stakeholders what is acceptable and what is not. The policies inform new people about your boundaries and can act as a guide.

Down the track policies can help in identifying irregularities or where individuals or process has gone wrong. Whilst policies of working safe may sound obvious, staff can be protected at law if you do not have policies to inform them.

No surprise all large organisations are full of policies- they hold them together. Best to build your policies early and build structure for the future.

Policies to consider are broad so consider hiring in expetts to ensure you have the right ones.

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