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Dr Mats PhD research thesis - click here
Resistance to change forms and effects in Greater Western Sydney : a multidimensional approach​
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Dr Mats article for first5000 - click here

"How to manage an AI workforce"

Dr Mats article for The Minute Hack - click here

"Building Trust In A Retail Workforce Threatened By Automation"

Dr Mats article for CEO world - click here

"Why the old operating business models have to go in the new age"

Dr Mats article for CEO World - click here

"The leadership skills of the future"

Dr Mats article for Facility Management - click here
"How to beat disruption by separating leadership and management"

Dr Mats article for BandT - click here

"How can you measure Disruption"

Dr Mats article for CEO World - click here

"Take a multidimensional approach for corporate change success"

Dr Mats article for Power retail - click here

"Building Trust in a Retail Workforce Threatened by Automation"

Dr Mat quoted in Dynamic Business article - click here

"How can we maintain great work culture in a period of business growth"

Dr Mats article for CEO World Magazine - click here
"Building Trust In Your Team In An Age Of Disruption?"

Dr Mats article for BandT - click here

"Ethics: The Only Way Business Will Survive AI, Keep Morality & Appease Customers"

Dr Mat was quoted in HRD article Oct 2019 - click here to view

"How to prepare HR for the challenges of AI"

Dr Mats article for Emerald - click here

"Artificial Intelligence and the modern environment"

Dr Mats article for Business first class - click here

"How core values can help a business survive Brexit"

Dr Mat quoted in European Business Magazine article - click here

"Doing business in the Age of Disruption"

Dr Mats article for HRD Connect - click here

"Building trust in your team in an age of disruption"

Dr Mats article for Irish Tech News - click here


Dr Mats article for People Space - click here

"Is a robot workforce inevitable"

Dr Mats article for The Conversation - click here

"Toppling bankers can be satisfying, but it’s not enough to heal a sick culture"

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