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Dr Mats Professional Services and advisory offers are listed on this page.  Feel free to be creative and ask for other services.


Depending upon his schedule Dr Mat is available globally based on agreed arrangements. Dr Mat caters for organisations of large and small.


Dr Mats new manager and leader series - half or full day briefings

Covers key leadership and management principles, includes essentials to running a business


Dr Mats new manager and leader workshops - full day or series over 6+ months


Dr Mats master class for senior and experienced managers single day - covers modern topics and scenario planning


Dr Mats master series that builds work projects to improve business


Dr Mats Project Management Assessment - daily or up to yearly assistance


Dr Mats change monitoring assessment tool - for organisations over 100 employees - provides insights into 7 key change success factors. May be used before, during or after change. Useful for comparing divisions, industries or just a measure over time.


Dr Mat has so many other useful functions as a key note speaker, as a mentor or to assess your most recent business issues, culture or changes.

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