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Dr Mats tip of the day - 059 - Disruption : what about innovation and creativity

As discussed previously the new environment is full of fast paced uncertain change that has been aided by globalization, inter-connectivity and social media. Organizations need to react more quickly and yet the predictability of government policy or change generally is likely to be much harder than before. Policies were once developed over time with review points and consultation, where the new waves of change now tend to arrive quickly with out input, arrive without lots of detail and organizations are expected to cope and make decisions.

In this faster environment it may be inappropriate for an organization to change all its policies and procedures after a presidential tweet on new tariffs or new trade wars, the process of change for most large organizations will simply be too slow. The other issue in this new form of change is even if you did change your policies based on a tweet you may have to subsequently reverse the change once more detail arrives from the leadership or if it is altered when it is legislated.

Many organizations may take months or years to change process maps and improve efficiencies through LEAN based on merely one significant policy change or new technology or some other disruption. Larger organizations are likely to be disadvantaged versus the smaller more nimble competitors if they continue to adopt the current methods of change.

To move faster and maintain some level of control there may be need to adopt more innovation and creativity in their organization. Now innovation and creativity do not just spring up out of no where - the culture and skills of the organization need to change. Imagine having a great idea to cope with a new technological threat in a culture that is dominated by the powerful, a culture that does not listen to staff - in that situation new ideas will either not be raised or they will not be adopted. A culture that is open and encouraging is required if innovation or creativity are to be generated.

A whole lot of internal investigation is required to prepare for disruption, even more to adjust the organization to be more nimble and less bureaucratic. The smaller organization may be in a place of considerable advantage in disruption as they can make decisions faster and be more innovative in their approaches.

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