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Dr Mats tip of the day - 056 - Disruption: New forms of leadership

Disruption as you know is a key topic for me - it will likely substantially affect organizational leadership practices for many years to come. Change has been associated in my research with leadership and management factors, so building understanding of these topics is important when change is almost constant and at a fast pace. Disruption may arise in many forms be that of a trade war, Brexit or some form of technology, like AI and robots (many more discussed in my recent book). Organizational leadership may be more important than ever in this new environment as it is after all the leaders that will set direction and explain the way forward.

Leaders in the first instant need to be trusted by their staff, customers and other stakeholders like banks - so the leadership factor of trust requires the followers to believe that the leadership messages are real and worth following. All the communication in the world wont help if staff and other stakeholders do not trust your leadership. This sounds simple but in disruption it may be difficult to make a promise and keep it, may be difficult to explain direction and then have to override previous discussions. Leadership is far more than merely communicating the directions, people need to hear the messages and be in a position to consider.

New forms of leadership are expected in order to adapt to disruption, where leaders may need to be close with their staff and stakeholders, building partnerships and closer relations. The old hierarchical structures that position the leader as the autonomous master making all decisions are unlikely to be appropriate for the future. Leaders of the future will likely be good at communication, able to argue their points and provide explanation of the changing environment. The great leaders of the future may respect and encourage feedback, opinions and partnering relationships, arrangements that may have been impossible to have considered 30 years ago.

Some recent research indicates that games may improve organisational change, so the leader of the future will not be uncomfortable playing games or being social with their staff, colleagues, customers etc. Leaders of the future will also appreciate that in the multiple dimensions for communication (discussed in previous blogs) there should be a place for the sensegiver, people that may have more influence in your organization than the hierarchical powerful leader.

There is so much that will change in disruption, leadership will not be the same so consider these points and read more on disruption today in order to be ahead of the rest, preparing your organization for the future of change.

Consider hiring leaders now with additional skills ready for Disruption ! avoid the lost opportunities of having managers without the leadership skills required.

If you are a Leader or seeking to be one in the future - you need to read, read, read about Disruption NOW ! Those that fail to understand and adjust will fall behind.

Feel free to ask Dr Mat via a chat or email on Leadership, Management or change issues, advice, consulting or mentoring that you may seek.

These and other related topics feature in Dr Mats book titled "Leading and Managing Change in the Age of Disruption and Artificial Intelligence" - written for the modern professional, student and academic - in fact anyone wanting to be ahead on modern Leadership and Management issues.

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Dr Mat is also on Twitter - @DrMat14

Consider your own specific situation and seek professional advice before acting directly in reaction to any of the tips on this website, they are intended as general advice only.

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