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Dr Mats tip of the day - 041 - Disruption, AI and robots - the future of work is not all lost

Certainly I hear a lot of media comments and concern in the community more generally that AI, 5G and robots will see the end of work. Fair to say that I agree that work will change, organizational processes and structures will change, loss of jobs for sure - but it is not all bad !

Consider the robots that will likely advance with the roll-out of 5G and other new technologies - sure they will emerge due to cost advantages or customer advantages and they may replace hundreds of thousands of jobs. It is not all bad of course - remember that whilst the typewriter has been replaced, the advance of other forms of communication has arisen. Jobs creating apps would not have been imagined 10 or 15 years ago, yet anyone with a mobile phone will have hundreds of apps used every day.

The emergence of robots will not be without humans, there will still be humans required to do the work that they cannot do, humans will still be involved with the robot upgrades, parts replacements etc etc. You may even see despite the risks in Disruption and AI that there will be great opportunity for those that are flexible, creative and innovative. The roll-out of AI will have its issues so there will be opportunities for maintenance companies, programmers, integraters. Humans that are skilled will need to plug the gaps, do the data analysis, do the business improvements, build the knowledge and opportunities - for quite a while yet.

So do not despair when you hear AI or robots are coming - sit back and think about the potential pros and cons, critically analyse where the gaps may arise and work with staff that can cope with the uncertain future that will require their flexibility and creativity.

If you are a Leader or seeking to be one in the future - you need to read, read, read about Disruption NOW ! Those that fail to understand and adjust will fall behind.

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Consider your own specific situation and seek professional advice before acting directly in reaction to any of the tips on this website, they are intended as general advice only.

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