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Dr Mats tip of the day -022- Ethics of Disruption

ok your organisation may have an ethics statement and policies that are built to guide the organisation towards ethical behaviour. The ethics statements you have may guide people about law breaking, social issues, practice standards - these may be built up over years and require much deliberation and signoff to be established.

Have you considered that the emergence of Disruption may change your ethics ?

Firstly there are issues in the way that ethical statements are developed in larger organisations - they simply take too long to identify, create and approve in Disruption. If a new form of transaction emerges - your old ways may take years to identify it as being a problem, may take even longer to have them outlawed or written

down in ethical policies. In the mean time staff are left to their own sense of morality - some may even argue that there was no policy against the new Disruption being used.

Secondly it may be too difficult in Disruption to set policies and specific guides for all emergent new forms of transaction - there simply may be too many to cover and inform staff of. Staff need to be trained on policies for the policy to be useful - leaving ethical statements merely on a website unread will be insufficient. In a Disruptive world it may be that your staff hear of the benefits of new transaction forms before you have identified any problems.

Perhaps your environmental scanning now needs to include Disruption :-

So does your organisation promote or ban cryptocurrency transactions ? If so where is it written, how have you trained your staff ?

Have you a policy on dealing with countries that may be or are already affected by USA or China trade sanctions ?

What happens if the next Presidential tweet or policy change affects your organisation? How will your staff globally react, will you have ethical frameworks to prevent disaster ?

Seems to me that organisations will need to change their approach to ethics, they need faster processes, even a more broad approach that will set goals and boundaries that may not be so specific. The hearts and minds of your staff may lie at the heart of ethical behaviour - question is how have you influenced that behaviour ? The next question is how will you know when an unethical culture of process or decision has occurred in your organisation ?

The world is so connected and fast paced now - ignoring this important change to ethics may be too important to leave for later. The future is here already, your staff through 24/7 news, email and social media will most likely see the ethical challenges well ahead of the traditionally based organisational structure.

How will you see the next ethical dilemma before it occurs ? Your organisational value may depend upon preventing and influencing the organisation away from the next ethical temptation.

If you are a Leader or seeking to be one in the future - you need to read, read, read about Disruption NOW ! Those that fail to understand and adjust will fall behind.

Feel free to ask Dr Mat over a chat or email on Leadership, Management or change issues, advice, consulting or mentoring that you may seek.

These and other related topics feature in Dr Mats upcoming book titled "Leading and Managing Change in the Age of Disruption and Artificial Intelligence" - written for the modern professional, student and academic wanting to be ahead on modern Leadership and Management issues. Available through Amazon and other book sellers from May 24th 2019 -

Consider your own specific situation and seek professional advice before acting directly in reaction to any of the tips on this website, they are intended as general advice only.

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