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Dr Mats tip of the day - 020 - Leaders beware of disruption !

If you lead a group of people or an organisation you should be reading and trying to get ahead on the future of Leadership, where you will quickly find Disruption as one of those most important topics for the future. When I say disruption I do not just mean technology - as Disruption is so much more ! It will affect leadership practices for many years to come.

Disruption is a broad term that began in the sphere of technology but now encapsulates many other areas. In the past 15+ years we have seen globalisation and social media draw the world much closer, so a new rapid change in one place can quickly be discovered elsewhere. We have seen the demise of reputable journalism as newspapers have dropped off, with less profitability, caused by competition from the new forms of communication.

You may question what has this all to do with Leadership ?

Well Leaders are tasked with setting organisational agendas, motivating staff and customers, communicating business results, strategy and direction. It should come as no surprise that fast moving, unpredictable change resulting from many forms of Disruption may radically change the way leaders operate and are perceived.

Imagine telling staff and customers over several months that your new strategy for the business is set to go, telling them that it is the best for the organisation - then you find a world event has changed that opportunity (be that a trade war or new technology etc) - where later you have to go back to your stakeholders and have to say "sorry that direction is no longer applicable, we need to rethink it".

Leadership is heavily dependent upon trust- that being trust of the boardroom, customers and staff. If Disruption is constant, causing multiple changes in direction - then Leadership will be under pressure to "please explain", like never before. The explanation will need to come from the leadership and be very clear. If the communication on multiple changes in direction fails to convince - then Leaders will likely lose the confidence of their stakeholders and may even be summarily changed out.

Business is largely built on adversity to uncertainty and irregular change, so the future with constant Disruption is inevitably going to change Leadership qualities.

If you are a Leader or seeking to be one in the future - you need to read, read, read about Disruption NOW ! Those that fail to understand and adjust will fall behind.

Feel free to ask Dr Mat over a chat or email on Leadership, Management or change issues, advice, consulting or mentoring that you may seek.

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