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Dr Mats tip of the day - 018- now for procedures

Once you have your policies sorted that tell the big rules and guides for your business you now need procedures. If you want consistency and quality for your customers you need to table how things are best done.

Procedures can be for anything complex that may vary between people, shifts or staff. Procedures are also good if there are many steps or a difficult step to follow or remember. If you rely just on peoples memory then you will get variations in output over time. Not everyone listens in hand over of instructions or remembers to pass on the full sequence.

In a small business procedures may seem like an extravagance, yet these are required as you grow and hire new staff. Start with a flow chart or set of steps, check they work and are in the right sequence, ask staffvto read and understand. This may be sufficient as a start to build quality into your organisation.

At some point you will need to smarten these up and write procedures that anyone can follow, in writing, to a standard. If you do not know how to do this final enhancement do not dispair or stop- there are professionals out there to write your procedures and build a set for all your staff to use.

See procedures as an integral part of growing your business, no matter how small it is - as the benefits will pay off many times over. You do not have to have the skills - you just need the management foresight to ensure the procedures arrive.

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