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Dr Mats tip of the day- 015

Build success with a locked in project plan.

Once you have set a high level plan to achieve a business goal spend the time and create the detail so you can measure success. Remember that success is not just about completion, as it needs time cost and quality measures. Consider putting those measures into a formal project plan and allocate responsibilities for each step.

Once you have the plan review with staff and stakeholders to get agreement - then lock it away so you can measure slippage. Of course if you do not have all these skills consider getting help from a business professional or qualified project manager.

There are real benefits in setting plans then formally tracking- the alternative may be scope creep, delays and project failures. Multiple factors are required for project and business success so do not leave it floating or to chance.

If you do not invest in a formalised plan for your business you will just have to trust your spinners when they say "all is on track". The plan could allow you to ask where are we against the plan "show me".

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Small business owners a nd new managers should read and consider this

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