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Dr Mats tip of the day - 014

Build accountability for success.

It sometimes may appear confronting that business management somewhat depends on accountability. Accountability is more about who can explain and make decisions and be responsible for the outputs of cost. time and quality - it is not about just hounding and sending "please explain" to someone.

Whilst a subject or project may be important and a team effort it may be quite dysfunctional if you do not sort out accountability followed by delegations and responsibility. The effort involved at the front of your next project may significantly improve the outcome as it will be clear who does what, has what authority and who is the final decision maker that is responsible for the metrics.

Of course there are other essential elements to be successful in your business, so those will be covered in later tips. So easy to get into the doing part in any organisation and miss the essential elements to operate under. This tip is essential whether you are in a large multinational, a small organisation or are managing a small team.

For today remember accountability, responsibility and delegations !

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