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Dr Mats tip of the day - 062 - Chief Disruption Officer (CDO) Role

Have you considered a CDO position for your organization?

In my recent book I propose that organizations should seriously consider #disruption planning and specialist roles as so much may need to re-position for the multiple sources of uncertainty, unpredictability and risk in this new age. This issue needs profile in your organization as operating #management and #leadership #hr may fail to spend the required time, and resources in preparing- not to mention the new skills required.

A CDO (Chief Disruption Officer) will sit at your senior table, discuss and identify emerging disruption whilst writing plans - also proposing the relevant responses, new structures and new processes required. Speeding up your responses should also be on the agenda.

This and other themes are in Dr Mats book titled "Leading and Managing change in the age of disruption and artificial intelligence" - a book with new ideas and concepts for the future manager and leader. Consider buying this book so that you are prepared for disruption and the future or consider it to buy as a gift for a friend, colleague or family member that is in a business role - great time to buy before 2020 so the ideas can be digested and preparations put in place for the future in your organization.

After you have read Dr Mats book please interact and ask questions or even seek his services as a way to insert disruption preparation and modern concepts into your organization.

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