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Dr Mats tip of the day - 046 - so much disruption to consider !

Disruption is likely to affect your organisations staff mix, skills and culture as I discussed in a recent interview - link here for those interested

The modern manager may not need to align with a political side of a matter - they merely need to understand that the matter exists, that it has alternates and options with consequences.

Climate change is but one of these matters - it clearly is a global matter, affecting government policy and politics globally. Irrespective of a managers view on the reality of climate change it is likely to affect many organizations either from government policy, staff reactions and societal swings. Ignoring the effect of climate change on your organization could be perceived as irrational or negligent - there are quite likely impacts on organizational strategy, staff skills, culture and financial results. If you are doing a disruption plan (as explained in my book) you should really already have climate change as a high priority disruption to consider and critically analyse.

In a Disruption environment leaders will be required to have more skill in this area, be able to explain and influence more change (even if it is in opposite directions and without notice). Leaders of the future must act quickly and yet have time to listen and engage, be able to work in uncertainty and risk.

Consider hiring leaders now with additional skills ready for Disruption ! avoid the lost opportunities of having managers without the leadership skills required.

If you are a Leader or seeking to be one in the future - you need to read, read, read about Disruption NOW ! Those that fail to understand and adjust will fall behind.

Feel free to ask Dr Mat over a chat or email on Leadership, Management or change issues, advice, consulting or mentoring that you may seek.

These and other related topics feature in Dr Mats book titled "Leading and Managing Change in the Age of Disruption and Artificial Intelligence" - written for the modern professional, student and academic - anyone wanting to be ahead on modern Leadership and Management issues.

Available through Amazon (kindle version or hard copy can now be purchased) - . This book has been strongly endorsed - so use this link to review the endorsements, or to preview Chapter 1, table of contents and the preface from Amazon (kindle version button) - consider buying this book or recommend it to professional colleagues or friends/family, students and academics.

Dr Mat is also on Twitter - @DrMat14

Consider your own specific situation and seek professional advice before acting directly in reaction to any of the tips on this website, they are intended as general advice only.

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